“Rhonda was absolutely amazing! I was in so much pain and with one treatment it cleared... so gentle and kind and has a wonderful disposition”

YB, Henley

“I would often fall into a deep relaxation [in my hypnotherapy session] and as a result would clear my mind of the daily stresses...”

SH - Didcot

“I cannot recommend Rhonda highly enough, she was so helpful and a good listener... Rhonda is absolutely amazing!”

AF Oxford


I've been able to help people with various symptoms, including:


  • Anxiety and Depression - I was able to help a young lady be able to cope with her symptoms caused by her anxiety and depression and feel able to manage without medication. She was also able to lose over four stone as a by-product
  • Phobias - I was able to help a lady with a phobia with dogs, which was restricting her life and meant that she was only able to go out with friends to protect her from any passing by dogs. She is now free to come and go as she pleases and not worry about bumping into a dog!
  • Panic Attacks - I was able to help a lady who was unable to go out to the shops or do the school run without experiencing a panic attack. Now, she is able to leave the house going for walks, as well as cycling for over four miles most days

Craniosacral Therapy: 

  • I've helped to release trauma in the body, without needing to relive or go over what has happened in the past 
  • Insomnia - I helped to relieve disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia - which gave a lot release and comfort to the client 

Dorn Method Therapy: 

  • Office environment - helping to relieve the stresses of those regularly working at computers, neck pain, joint pain etc. - sitting at a desk all day, helping with realignment of spine and releasing hip area


  • Menopause - managed to reduce a lady having 17 hot flushes a day down to two hot flushes after one session!
  • Ear infection - released pressure within an hour, the young boy was then able to play football, whereas he would usually be out of action for at least a day 

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