Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few answers to some of the questions I get asked the most, particularly for new clients who may not be sure what to expect 

Question: Hypnotherapy - Is it similar to what I see on TV? I'm afraid of losing control


No! It isn't anything like this, that's for entertainment purposes only. With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy you are in complete control the whole time. It's just like a meditation or relaxation

Question: Craniosacral - What should I expect from a session?


You lay on a treatment table fully clothed and I will stand firstly at your feet and then your head. Listening with my hands gently, I may be drawn to other areas that need attention for example, if you have pain in your knee I will go to your knee area

Question: Dorn Method - What is it all about? Does it hurt? 


It works with both the Therapist and Client working together to provide maximum benefit. There are no sudden movements, no jerky manipulation and no heavy forces involved. All movements are carried out very gently and in full active co-operation and participation with me 

Question: Reflexology - I'm not sure I like my feet being touched, and will it be ticklish?


It is a gentle and relaxing treatment (non-ticklish). You only need remove your shoes and socks. If there is an imbalance in your body this will be reflected in your feet, usually by a sensitivity in the corresponding area, I gently work this to bring back the balance for you to heal yourself

Question: Can I do treatments via Zoom as I unable to travel?


I am only able to do Hypnotherapy by Zoom and I have been working with Clients throughout the lockdown and have had brilliant results 

The other therapies are hands-on therapies, please see my contact page for more information

I have concerns with Covid, I've been careful throughout lockdown and I'm worried about going to a clinic  

I can assure you the clinic is following all procedures set out by the Government. A cleaning procedure is in place, ensuring a full wipe down and ventilation between clients (please see the clinic website for further information)