Rhonda Hinson 

How Can I Help You?

By creating a bespoke treatment plan, I can help your Mind, Body & Spirit, by looking at you as a whole rather than just the symptoms 

I am a qualified: 
- Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapist - Solution Focused (CHPD, AfSFH) 
- Reflexologist - maternity/fertility (MFHT)
- CranioSacral Biodynamic Therapist (CSTB)
- Advanced Dorn Method Therapist (ADMT)

I am a Holistic Therapist, by looking at the whole of the person and not just the symptoms. 

Please see below to understand how each therapy may be able to help you. 

Alternatively, feel free to contact me where we can have a discussion and I can give more detail about each therapy and suggest which would be most appropriate for you

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful psychotherapeutic tool that can be used to break the negative cycle of depression and anxiety - it can be beneficial for people affected mentally, physically and emotionally

Solution focused hypnotherapy looks to the future, you will not be asked to relive the past or the traumatic event 

In particular it can help with: 

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • range of addictions - including smoking
  • anger management
  • weight control
  • lack of confidence and self esteem
  • insomnia
  • panic attacks
  • phobias
  • stress and many more...

Begin with using weekly sessions, we move slowly and at your own pace. Recommendation of between 8 - 12 sessions 


Reflexology is a special pressure technique applied to feet (which act as a mirror image of the body)

This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. It is suitable for all ages and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions - helping with balancing hormones with menopause or by reducing stress and anxiety can also help with fertility 

In particular it can help with: 

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • fertility & maternity
  • menopause
  • hormone imbalances
  • and so much more

Recommendation of 6 - 8 weekly sessions, then moving to quarterly or half yearly sessions depending on you!

Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy 

CranioSacral Therapy works with the whole person and changes may occur in body, mind and spirit during and after sessions. It is a gentle and non-invasive therapy, suitable for all ages, from newborns to the elderly  

Hands are lightly placed whilst fully clothed, listening much the same way that a counsellor might listen to your words. Your body responds to this sensitive touch by beginning to listen to itself 

In particular it can help with: 

  • trapped trauma in the body, including whiplash
  • migraines and headaches
  • tinitus
  • fibromyalgia
  • compression in the head, neck and back
  • side effects of cancer treatment
  • and so much more

Begin with using weekly sessions, we move slowly and at your own pace. Recommendation of between 8 - 12 sessions 

Advanced Dorn Method Therapy 

The Dorn Method is about the alignment of the Mind, Body and Spirit 

It is a gentle, safe and effective treatment and is suitable for people of all ages suffering - I've worked with people of all ages from 7 years to 100 years, with whiplash to sciatica 

It is a non-manipulative manual therapy, which doesn't involve any 'clicking' or 'crunching' of joints, which so many people fear or dislike 

In particular it can help with: 

  • whiplash
  • sciatica
  • back and neck pain
  • migraines and headaches 
  • joint pain 
  • hip realignment 
  • and so much more

Using weekly sessions, we move slowly and at your own pace, with only a few sessions needed

A phone call away

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